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Oeben's Summer Guide

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and the vacations are getting closer. Whether you stay in the Netherlands, fly across the ocean or go camping, you will need a number of items. To assist you with this, we've listed a few things you can't live without (in our opinion).

Terry Cloth Polo Shirts from Closed
If you find yourself in a picturesque village somewhere in the south of France or on the coast of Italy this summer, you can't go without a terry-cloth polo shirt from Closed. Comfortable, soft and breathable, exactly what you need when you go to the beach or visit the local market. Besides being practical, it also looks stylish. For the real fans we also have two shorts that match the polos. You can check out the collection here.

When you go on vacation it's handy to know what time it is. Especially when you fly across the ocean and have to deal with a different time zone. Left or right, you need to be right on time. We are proud to introduce The Time Table, including vintage classics, but also the exclusive watches of UNIMATIC. An Italian watchmaker that combines functionality with a timeless and minimalist design. The NATO strap and robust, waterproof stainless steel case make this watch multi-functional for your travel adventures, especially if you're heading into the wilderness during your vacation.

Something that absolutely can’t be missed when traveling is a good overshirt. It's in between a jacket and a shirt. You can wear it over a t-shirt or overshirt, but you can also layer it with a bodywarmer, a jacket or a vest. It depends on the weather conditions, of course. We have overshirts in all shapes and forms: from the classic Fisherman Jacket by Armor Lux in a heavy cotton, to our own Yardmaster by 1923 Mercantile in a cotton/linen blend. You can find our complete selection here.

YETI Coolboxes, Bottles & Mugs
We also have something completely new for you, something our entire team wants one of themselves: the coolboxes from YETI. These coolers are built to perform under the most extreme conditions. What do we mean by this? The coolers have been awarded the Bear Proof certificate. This means that a grizzly bear can't get the cooler open in any way, so you don't have to worry about the squirrels either. Whether you're touring in a Defender, sailing in a Valk, touring the Vecht on a cargo bike, or embarking on a completely different adventure, these fantastic coolers are simply can’t be missed. We also have a wide selection of insulated water bottles and travel mugs. These will keep your drinks hot or cold in any condition!

Manikomio Flight Bags
If you are going to travel, you need to put your stuff somewhere. We have been selling bags from Filson from the US and Croots from the UK for a while now. This season we have added a new brand: the Italian Manikomio. Inspired by the bags American pilots used during the war to temporarily store their parachute. Nowadays you can just use them to carry your clothes. The brand uses special materials, such as vintage tent cloths and produces the bags themselves in Forlì, Italy. You can find the whole collection here.

5 o’clock? Cantina Todini!
A Summer Guide isn't complete if we don't name something that quenches the thirst. When the clock strikes 5 on a Saturday, we like to open a bottle of wine. At the moment we have the Grechetto and the Sangiovese from the Italian winery Todini in our refrigerator. The Grechetto is beautifully dry, fruity and fresh in flavor. The Sangiovese is full-bodied, supple and round. To be tasted with us, but available from our friends at Margaret Wines, here at the Oudkerkhof! Saluti!

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