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Tailor Made Workwear

How may we help you, Sir?

Are you looking for something a little bit more special? Something that meets your unique style and goes beyond your expectations? As of now, 1923 Mercantile offers a special made-to-measure program. This exceeds your typical suit. All models found our in own collection, such as the Yardmaster Jacket, Stationmaster Suit, Roadmaster Shirt-Jacket and even the Stationmaster Overcoat can be made completely to your personal wishes.

Fabrics & Options
We have hand-picked fabrics from the most well-known mills around the world, such as Angelico, Gilmore & Hedges, Loro Piana, Abraham Moon & Sons and Solbiati. Besides the fabric, we offer options in lapels, pockets, buttons and more.

Because of our wide selection, we can assist you with any dresscode. This can vary from Summer Chic to Roaring Twenties and everything in between. Read more about dresscodes in Wedding- & Formalwear


You are always welcome to explore the possibilities. We have already made an overview of all the models and their utilities. 


Our Stationmaster Suit is a great example of the merge between a sartorial made suit and workwear. A perfect companion for your summer weddings that you have to attend. You can also add the Trainmaster Vest to make a complete 3-piece suit. 




The Yardmaster is great if you travel a lot. It finds its inspiration in a classic hunter-jacket with all the original details. The four pockets on the front, the side adjusters, just the way you want it.  You can layer this piece with our Stationmaster Vest or with our Stationmaster Overcoat, both made in the same fabric.




A typical workwear piece, but than a little bit more sartorial; our Roadmaster Shirt-Jacket. A very good example of the style we are going for. We have a fondness for garments that you can wear as a layer. You can wear the Roadmaster Shirt-Jacket as an overshirt, jacket or vest.



We hope that you have an understanding of all the possibilities we offer. We are very excited about this and we hope that you are too!


If that is the case, than you can make an appointment here. See you soon, Sir!

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