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You have decided to give yourself something special and we are honoured to help you make it happen. Now before we set the date, we'd like to go over a few specifics to get you on your way and make sure we create something special for you.

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Homework, you say?

Since measuring for a custom piece of wardrobe takes quite some time we'd like to ask you to lay the groundwork before we meet each other. Please find below some aditional information to help you on your way and prepare yourself for our appointment.

The great specifics

So, have you thought about the type of fabric you prefer for your tailor-made suit? Do you allready know which type of buttons or collar you prefer? These are important questions to answer beforehand and the internet is your best friend here. Maybe browse on Instagram or create a Pinterest board to get a good image of the great specifics.

Think in themes

If you have a certain style in mind, use that to pinpoint your materials. Search styles like "Italian Wedding" or "Roaring Twenties" to get a clear picture of your soon to be favorite piece of wardrobe. Also think about things that might inspire your ideal outfit like certain movies from a certain era or even moviestars or style icons. Hello Mr. Brando.

But first... let's set a date

Again, thank you for thinking of us and let us start our journey.

Small reminder... a complete journey takes about 6 weeks for a tailor-made suit and an appointment takes about 60 minutes and is only possible on weekdays. Thank you, sir, and see you soon!

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