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Getting married is one thing, but finding a wedding suit can be quite a challenge. We understand that every wedding requires a different kind of suit. When it's your own wedding, you have enough on your mind and you have to deal with a lot of opinions. The fun part is picking out your outfit, especially if you get a tailor-made one. A suit that suits you, literally and figuratively. Let us help you with that. We are not only talking about the suit, but also about the experience. We do this just like you're used from us: personal, with attention; a product that you won't find everywhere else and that will last you a while.

You can also come to us when you are a guest at a wedding. Nowadays, couples come up with the most specific themes or themes that make you think: 'What exactly is expected of me? You can come to us in both instances. We are happy to help you work out your idea, if you already have one. If that is not the case, we are happy to help you from A to Z. For us, this is one of the most enjoyable things to do. You will notice this the moment we start work. We are ready to assist you.


We don't sit still either and do our homework with a lot of love, especially when it comes to clothing and style. To give you an idea of what we see a lot, we have highlighted a few themes. We are sure that we can help you with these.

Roaring Twenties

Like many others, we are also fans of Peaky Blinders. Thomas Shelby's tweed suits are an endless source of inspiration. Especially the three-piece variants. Here you can choose a gilet in the same fabric or something a bit different.

For the 1923 Mercantile collection, we have already made a three-piece suit in tweed from Abraham Moon & Sons. This is a textbook example of the possibilities we offer and it fits within the theme.

The Great Gatsby

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!” Another theme linked to the Roaring Twenties is The Great Gatsby. Our selection of fabrics is also perfect for this theme: playful, elegant and you won't find it everywhere. Especially with this kind of themes, you can go in many directions. 

For example, what we would do is combine your tweed suit with a different Vest and a pair of Red Wings. As you may know, tweed is quite heavy and warm. For spring, we have some lighter versions in cotton and linen, such as our Stationmaster Suit in Hunter Green Linen. This way you can still wear a Peaky Blinders suit, even in the summer months.


A term you might be familiar with, Sprezzatura. As the word suggests, it comes from Italy. It is best described as relaxed and nonchalant, yet elegant at the same time. Someone who pretty much invented it is Gianni Agnelli. This former director from FIAT was well-known for his exquisite style. It is mainly about banding the rules just a little, making combinations that you do not see everywhere. Like Mr. Agnelli did with a double breasted suit in combination with hiking boots. We would do it with a pair of trainers, but you get the idea. It can be a little bit different, a bit more relaxed.

Themes that fit this theme are Summer chic and Bohemian chic. A festival theme also falls into this category. We see it especially in spring. For us, this means a linen suit with a denim shirt from Bolzonella, or a combination with a checkered jacket and a pair of distinctive pants. The possibilities are endless and we like to help you, not only if you are getting married, but also if you are the best man or a guest.
A theme that also needs to be highlighted is Tenue de Vile. This theme is a bit more formal than we are. That does not mean that we cannot make it our own. It is darker in color and less outspoken. A suit or combination is as it should be, but we can make it just that little bit more exciting with a different kind of shirt or a different fabric. In short, we like to think along with you and help you find the right outfit for you.

Black Tie

‘Bond, James Bond’, of course you can also come to us for a theme in this category. Whether it's a dinner jacket or a velvet dinner jacket for a cocktail party, anything is possible. We think this is one of the most fun themes, because you can go in many directions. You can go for something very classic, like James Bond himself; or you can go for something very outspoken, like Daniel Craig's pink velvet dinner jacket. In general, it is a bit more classic and more for the autumn, but a Linen Stationmaster Smoking Jacket is not out of the ordinary. Also within this theme, you can do all sorts of things, you just have to do it in a good way and be confident.

See you soon, sir!

As you might have noticed, we are very excited about this and we hope to have triggered your interest with our tailor-made clothing. 

Feel free to reach out to us for making an appointment by sending us a note via the link below.

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