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Country of origin: France, Germany
Since: 1978
Category: Jeans, Knitwear, Shirts, Coats
A true European Denim pioneer. Closed is originally founded by the renowned French design couple Marithé & François Girbaud. In the 80’s the pair revolutionized the jeans market with new technical approaches such as stonewashing and introduced new baggy fits to a before often seen slim silhouette. Famous for the Pedal-pusher jeans for the ladies, which also has a lesser known male equivalent, the X-lent. Worn often by the more known and late American rapper Tupac and legendary Argentinian footballer Diego Armando Maradona.
As of today the contemporary brand is German based but still takes inspiration from French creativity. The woman- and menswear brand focuses on a sustainable and innovative manner of doing business in the fashion industry. Keeping distances short, about 82% of the clothing in the Closed collections is made in Europe from which the largest share is made in Italy. Closed tries to keep it green and eco-friendly. Together with Italian based mill Candiani closed started the “ A BETTER BLUE” initiative focusing using sustainable materials, eco-friendly dyeing methods and state of the art washing techniques. Building the world for tomorrow, today.
Due to much experience in the fashion world through the years, Closed developed itself to a very high-level allrounder. Mastering all garments a contemporary man should have in has wardrobe. Ranging from perfectly elegant dress jackets and luxurious shearling-coats for a classical catered man, all the way to the other side of the spectrum, funky and wide knitwear and oversized pants in vibrant colors for the streetwear adapt. Closed got you covered.

You will find a carefully selected collection in our Utrecht based store. In the summer we like it easy, ultralight fabrics. Poplin-cotton and breathable linen are something you can expect in their shirts and trousers. In the winter we like it warm, cozy and layered. Merino wool and cashmere are the go-to choices for our selection of supersoft knitwear. For our coats and jackets we like warm and sturdy materials such leather and hardboiled wool. Throughout the year we have a selection of jeans and chino’s. Our two main models are the Clifton – a slimmer model – and the Atelier, a straight model that’s is a little shorter than usual. The latter also comes in a jeans model. To finish your outfit, we also have their sneakers in store. Classic design, great quality materials, perfect for everyday use.

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