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Country of origin: Dallas, TX, U.S.A.
Since: 1982
Category: Sneakers

At Oeben’s we look for producers of original garments. A prime example of this is Autry. Often mistaken for a knock-off Reebok. However Autry was the manufacturer behind the well-known Reebok model. This means that the model we carry in our store is the true original tennis shoe, also known as the Medalist.

Autry is a shoe manufacturer from Dallas, Texas and is founded in 1982. The brand is recognized for the technical innovations at the time. Nowadays these innovations can be felt by the comfort of the shoes. The team at Oeben’s wear them all the time and that is due to the fact that they are really comfortable. Not only on the court, but also on the streets of Utrecht.

Besides the shoes, the brand is expanding their collection with a clothing line that consists of vintage tennis garments. A perfect way of styling your Medalists. At Oeben’s we sell a handpicked selection consisting of tennis shoes in a variation of colors, such as red, green, grey and navy. Besides that, we also offer the ready-to-wear collection.

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