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Pure & Original Paint

Pure & Original Paint

We have refreshed our store using the paint of Pure & Original. This Dutch brand is making paint by tradition in small, family-run factory in Belgium. Using only natural pigments, their range of colors amazing and they each have their own unique name.

We wanted it to be an update. An evolution, not an revolution. So we stayed close to ourselves in choosing the new color. The most walls always were painted in a very dark grey and we worked with details such a anthracite linen-wallpaper and classic 'Canalhouse' green paint for the wooden cupboards.

When we had a look at the different colors of Pure & Original we inmediately had one favorite: Black Truffle. This color meets somewhere between black and very dark brown. Or better, as a black truffle. We choose this as our main color because of the richness, even when it's so dark.For the front we did want to make a bigger change in color. Something light and bright, but still natural. In the end in was a tough decision, but we have chosen for "Mexican Sand". As the name says it is a deep sand color. It matches perfect with the old wooden floor and has a great contrast with the wallpaper in the front of the store.

We also wanted something different for ceiling is this same area. The 'missing link' is named 'Dried Clay'. All together we could not be happier with the result!

Interested is using Pure & Original paint? We have the complete color-cards available for you in the store  and would be happy to help you to get in contact with the experts of Pure & Original!

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