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"A bag, that matches the needs and culture of contemporary urban active people. With the clear mission to protect our oceans and produced as social responsible as possible."

The mission “PSSBL 總有可能” started in 2017, when the search for the right bag brought a group of urban enthusiasts from different corners of the world and fields of expertise together. 

They were all looking for the one bag to match our high standards in functionality, minimalistic design and sustainability to face the challenges of daily life in the cities around the globe. So, one day in 2017, the decision was made: If you can’t buy it – make it Pssbl! And just a few months later in February 2018, Pssbl was born in Hong Kong – a place that stands for urban exploration like no other. 

The heart of Pssbl 總有可能 is Marc, who kicked off the idea together with Heike, Stephan, Pit and Dirk.
In 2018, Boris and his team from Factor Product in Munich joined, to support on the product design.
Together, they combine expertise in brand, marketing, operations, product, sales, and functional apparel and fabrics.

The idea was to design a bag, that matches the needs and culture of contemporary urban active people. And even more than that: to build a brand with the clear mission to protect our oceans and act as social responsible as possible. A brand for authentic people that connects design, functionality and durability with social and environmental responsibility.

They source and produce in Asia and they are proud of it. They are not sourcing and manufacturing in Asia because of low working conditions and salaries, but because of the fact that the leading suppliers and manufacturers are located there.

They are sourcing as many parts of our bags as possible from recycled or biodegradable materials – always with a focus on quality and efficiency. 

The fabrics are made in Taiwan out of 100% recycled PET and/or Nylon. This material reduces burdens on our environment without compromising on quality, look and feel. Instead of being burned or disposed to landfills, used drinking bottles or old fishing gear are collected, sorted by color and washed, crushed into flakes and finally processed into pellets. This new raw material is then processed into polyester fibers and spun into yarn. Thereof results in high quality functional and smooth fabric for our Pssbl bags.


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