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Pitti 101

Pitti 101

After a long two years we could finally travel to Florence again and visit the 101st edition of the Pitti Uomo, the biggest men's fashion fair in the world. Although it was still a smaller, adapted version, it was a trip well worth it!
For starters, just spending a few days in the historic city of Firenze is truly inspiring. You can feel the history around every corner, knowing that Michelangelo, Dante & Leonardo DaVinci have lived and worked in this city. Their work still can be seen in the many museums in the city. A walk down the Ponte Vecchio, crossing the river Arno, is always special, with the many jewelers and watchmakers in the small stores on this bridge.
But we where not just there to play tourist, we had some serious work to do! At the Pitti we get the chance for a first look of the new collections of the brands we already work with. But of course, we also scout for new brands. Besides this we get inspired by other brands showing and all the other visitors, who always look at their best when visiting the fair.
Our first stop was as at the stand of Filson. We were happy to see a they stay true to their workwear-heritage with lots of products in the mighty Mackinaw-Wool and indestructible Tin-Cloth. We can already reveal the return of the Mackinaw Parka and we will absolutely will get the new Tin-Cloth bodywarmer. Also Smokey the Bear will have a comeback next winter!
We hope that next winter will be cold! Holubar's Parka collection was absolutely amazing. With Berwich we have a new brand for luxury pants and chino's. We will already get the first pieces in for this summer, but for next winter, their special BIBLIOTHECA collection will have some very special fabrics for pants! We also had the chance to meet the founder of UNIMATIC, our new brand for watches we sell at The Time Table.
An important stop for us is the stand of Manifattura Ceccarelli. This is the only moment for us to meet them and see their new collection. At their small booth we got the new products shown and explained by production-leader Francesco and owner Guliano. For next winter we will get in the 'good-old' Fisherman Parka, but also the new waxed Field Jacket and a down-filled puffer!
From the same town as Ceccarelli, Forli, is the brand Manikomino, with duffle-bags and back-packs, made in Italy out of special fabrics. We are proud to announce we will be the first dealer in the Netherlands! We have made a selection with a variety of wool- and leather-bags for the winter '22, but a selection of canvas- and suede-bags will arrive this spring!
And coincidence or not, also Menadito if from Forli! This small brand from the creative minds of Michael Pretolani and Emmanuele Tumidei produces unique, one of a kind pieces out of dead-stock fabrics. We hope to welcome their first pieces this summer!
It is always a pleasure to visit Mattia from A.B.C.L.. True the years we have become more and more friends with Mattia and his collection gets even better. The fabrics he sources in Japan are unique and found nowhere else. The relaxed style he developed for the brand is renewing and leading for the whole menswear-business. We have selected some special overshirts & pants, which can be worn as a suit and some beautiful casual shirts.
A very big step for us is the development of our own brand '1923 Mercantile'. And where better to get inspiration for new fits & fabrics then at the Pitti and stores such as Desii Vintage. We already have the first pieces of our own collection available instore now and hope to launch to collection very soon as the store can be reopened! Stay tuned!
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