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Country of origin: England
Since: 1924
Category: Leather jackets and knitwear

You can buy a leather jacket and you can buy a leather jacket made by Belstaff. A jacket that separates the men from the boys. Pure luxerious leatherwork greatness. Founded to shield the jackalls racing with rickety rides on the early motorcircuits of England from the hard concrete right underneath their feet. Adapted to modern times without losing its authentic silhouette and craftsmanship. Available in Utrecht, brought to you by Oeben’s. 

The Belstaff story starts somewhere around 1910 with Eli Belovitch in the English county of Staffordshire. Hence the name Bel-Staff. Eli was a merchant occupied with selling and buying waterproof materials. When the First World War struck the demand for these materials rose and Eli quickly expanded his business now making capes, tents and groundsheets for the military. 

In 1924 Eli’s son-in-law joined and together they founded Bellstaff (The extra L was dropped some years later). The company focussed on sturdy and weatherproof garments designed specifically for motorcyclists. These jackets rose to fame while being worn during the heroic actions of explorers, motorcyclists and other daring men and women during the mid-twentieth century. A true fan of the Belstaff jackets was Steve McQueen. He wore the Trialmaster jacket during a motorcycle race. A very iconic picture of an iconic man and an iconic jacket. The Trialmaster happens to be one of our favourite jackets and every season we have a version in our collection. Besides that, we offer different items, such as the Farrier overshirt, Fieldmaster and Roadmaster jackets, the Café Racer or V-Racer jacket. In short, we have a very great selection of classic Belstaff items.

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