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Shopping in Utrecht


Our list of favorite stores in the center of Utrecht! We like these stores because of their own unique style and collection with special products that can be found nowhere else! We have only selected independent stores for our list.
Schoutenstraat 12

"Burrata, Valpolicella & Prosciutto straight from Italy"


Bij Den Dom Interiors

Domstraat 3

"Iconic designs for home & office"


Daatselaar Fine Art & Antiques

"Well-known gallery in the art world with an undisputed taste"


Goudsmederij van Bruggen

"Because you want to keep the misses happy too"


Histoire Magasin

"Vintage interior design classics"


Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis

"For a single teaspoon or fully set table"


Little Wannahaves

"Unique toys and other cool stuff for kids!"


 Margaret Wines

"Wines directly from the farmer in to your glass"

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