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Bigoli Utrecht

It's our most favourite deli in Utrecht and specialized in Italian products. They have a wide assortment of wines, salades, pies, softdrinks and other Italian delicacies.


Besides their wide assortment of Italian products, Bigoli is also very popular in Utrecht for their sandwiches. Every day around lunch there is a long line of anticipating customers to place their order. Besides having a daily special, they also have a excellent list of classic sandwiches they will prepare right in front of you.

The connection

We are fans of Bigoli and their sandwiches. For years we have been ordering our sandwiches for lunch every Saturday and have tried many of their dishes. So if you are in town to visit us and you like Italian delicacies, check them out. They are a few minutes away from both our stores.


Schoutenstraat 12

3512 GB Utrecht

030 - 230 45 95
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