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Country of origin: Italy, Veneto aera
Since: 1934
Category: Shirts
Somewhere on the mainland of Veneto very close to Venice Alessandro Bolzonella houses his sartoria or taylorshop. Something magical happens in the ideylic village of Codiverno. Here, the past meets the present. The shirts are made in a tradtional way while using the most recent developments in fashion-land.
 Bolzonella is the expert in denim-shirts. They are continouslly improving and researching new ways to wash en treat the shirts they produce to get the best quality and comfort possible. Bolzonella owns and operates different kind, state of the art denim washing-machines which makes them truly specialists. Most brands outsource the washing process, at Bolzonella they invent the washing process.

 At oeben’s you will find a great range of casual shirts, denim shirts and dress shirts. These shirts come in a neat not-to-tight Italian fit and have a variantion of collars perfect for different occasions.

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