Country of orgin: Italy, Milan. Japan, Tokyo
Since: 2013
Catergory: Tailoring, Sartorial Shirts
Fit: Normal
At Oeben’s we like it different. We like to make different worlds collide and experience all the greatness that comes from such a bang. So does A.B.C.L.
This Italian-Japanese brand uses the best fabrics from Japan, the Japanese make ‘em at a insanely high level, and the skills of Italian taylors to create something wonderfull. Ultra soft shirts in stunning patterns with a great fit. That’s A.B.C.L. for you.
A.B.C.L. uses fabrics and materials that are not found in your average joe’s fabric storage. They uses exotic materials such as Ramie which is best explained as Chinese linnen and they combine cloth-properties such as ribcord and seersucker to make something completly new; rib-seersucker. Uncanny comfertable!
We buy a small and carefully put together selection in Italy each season consisting of over-shirts, shirts and trousers.
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