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Country of orgin: Italy, Milan. Japan, Tokyo
Since: 2013
Catergory: Tailoring, Sartorial Shirts
Fit: Normal

Combining two worlds together in one: exclusive Japanese fabric and Italian sartorial craftsmanship. The result are beautiful crafted products made to last. A.B.C.L. is located in Tokyo and Venice and have the desire to bring the best of both worlds together in their products. Ranging from popovers made in lightweight poplins to heavier overshirt made of a extraordinary ribcord.

The owners of the company are Antonio Laverda and Mattia Cavinato. One residing in Venice and the other in Tokyo. Because of this one can source the materials in Japan and the other can focus on the design aspect. The final product is a beautiful fusion between Japanse heritage and Italian craftsmanship.

The A.B.C.L. shirts come with three major promises: a three-dimensional form, functionality and exceptional comfort. The fabrics they use have lots of texture and are something different than usual. For example ramie, waffle corduroy and Z jersey.

In our store in Utrecht we carry a small, but well curated selection of shirts. One the models we carry every season is the Stand shirt. We also like to switch things up and add an Edison overshirt or pair of Miniera pants.

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