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Country of origin: England, Manchester area
Since: 1937
Category: Jackets
One of the most iconic brands in our line of menswear is Baracuta. Baracuta is most famous for its G9 Harrington jacket. Created in 1937 by the two brothers John and Isaac Miller and is unchanged ever since. A true timeless design icon. Worn for almost a century by menswear heroes and cultural icons such as ‘the King of Cool’ Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, JFK, James Dean, Leonardo DiCaprio, Frank Sinatra and many more cool chaps.
Located on the damp, rain drenched outskirts of late ‘30s Manchester, Baracuta orginated as a rainwear specialist. The company made dresscoats and sportsjackets which soon became well known around all the country because of their excellent water and wind resistent quality and contemporary design. The name of G9 comes from Golf. The ‘G’ like Golf and the ‘9’ like the 9 holes of the golf course. The jacket immediately stands out through the characteristic and distinctive Fraser Tartan lining, given to the Millers by Lord Fraser and the unmistakable umbrella yoke motif on the back.
At Oeben’s we like to work with specialist such as Baracuta. Thats why you will find a wide range of jackets and coats varying on the season in our collection. Whether you’re looking for a warm coat to protect you from a snowstorm or want to look super stylish such as the likes of Steve McQueen while cycling to the supermarket, Baracuta is your number one choice! Besides a selection of G9’s, we also have Dry Wax overshirts in our Utrecht store. You’re always welcome to experience the true Harrington jacket in person.
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