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Alter Ego

Country of origin: The Netherlands
Since: 2019
Category: Leather & suede

Our specialist when it comes to leather everyday basics. Alter Ego focuses on the highest possible quality with attention to detail. Inspired by heroes of the past, the brand makes amazing garments that get better with age. Every product we offer is made of leather, more specifically suede. This gives the products a luxurious appearance. 

The rock ’n roll lifestyle has been a source of inspiration for the brand and shaped the identity. This is also translated in their names for the garments. For example, we offer a suede bomber – the Mick – called after the rockstar Mick Jagger. Besides that we offer a western overshirt inspired by the one Robert Redford wore in the 70s. This one carries the name, as you may have guessed, the Robert.

In our store in Utrecht you can find a nice selection of these fantastic products. We are a fan, now it is time for you to discover what a great addition a suede shirt is to your wardrobe. How do you maintain a product like this? By just wearing it and accepting that it gets a own character. It just gets better with time.

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