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Thorn Knives

Country of origin: Lake Zürich, Switzerland
Since: 2020

Category: Custom knives

Coming from a passion for beautiful made products, we decided to start our own project: Thorn Knives. The reason why we started making knives, is because we like to make something out of nothing with just our hands. Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. That’s what Thorn Knives is all about. 

Coming from various backgrounds – mostly retail – we wanted to do something different. Loving all stuff that is Cool, Chic and made of the highest quality, we thought we needed something a bit more unique and rarely seen within the Knife industry. 


Three different levels of knives

RTC (Ready-to-Cook)

Handmade knives that are perfectly balanced in a steel and handle material combination, ready for all your cooking activities. These knives are either in stock or will made when you order hem. If you are in need of a high quality knife and you need it quick fast, this one is for you. So if you like it and its available, snap it up and you’ll have it as soon as possible.



This is a pick and choose situation. The shape of the knife is a proven winner, but you’d like it to have a little personal touch. Than you can go ahead and create your own.

You can pick and choose from several types of steel, each with their own characteristics. A heap of different handle materials: from carbon fiber, to horn; and from several beautiful woods to G10 and Micarta. Want a bit of extra flair? Throw in a colorful liner and make it pop. As the name suggests These are made as soon as you order them. Please bear in mind that this can take up to eight weeks.


Full Bespoke

The most unique you can get. A knife designed with and for you. Want an upside down handle?

Need a sword? Something that is made for a special purpose? A unique steel? A shape that only exists in your mind? Well…. Let's go make it! (Almost) everything is possible. Some things look hard but are doable, some things look easy but are impossible. There is only one way to find out. Let's try and see what we can achieve. Starting with an idea, making that into a sketch, and finally making a knife. A knife that is perfect for you. It's going to take some time, but everything good comes with time. This will be a multi month project. But who wants to speed up perfection!?

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