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One of our favourite garments are jeans. They simply cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Now we know that finding a good pair of jeans can be a challenge. In the store we like to help you with this personally, but we understand that you want to do some research before. To give you some homework, we have selected a few jeans that might be something for you.

Perhaps the biggest brand in our store and not without reason; Closed. A true pioneer in the field of denim. In the 80s they started experimenting with different washes and fits. The result? An wide collection of top quality jeans with distinctive fits. One of the most famous models is the X-Lent, worn by none other than Tupac and Diego Maradona. And yes, we have them in our collection!
Besides this classic we also have the Cooper Tapered, slightly slimmer than the X-Lent; the Bogus, a straight-fit; the Unity Slim, a slim-fit model with a little elastane; and the Dover, a relaxed fit with a lower crotch.
All of the fabrics are woven by Candiani in Robecchetto, Italy. This weaving mill is known as the greenest weaving mill in Europe. The fabrics used by Closed consist mainly of organic and recycled cotton. In short, Closed's jeans are good in every way.

Undoubtedly the most luxurious jeans in our collection: INCOTEX Blue Divison. Previously we already had the chinos from this Italian specialist, but we’ve added their jeans. As with the chinos, there are no compromises made on the quality. The jeans are made in a comfortable and soft cotton with stretch.
The pants are made in Italy. Every detail has been paid attention to: the finish, the buttons, the labels, the stitching, everything is correct; craftsmanship everywhere. The jeans have a slim fit. This ensures that the jeans are well-fitted and that you can also wear them in smart occasions.

Finally, the Dutch brand Kings of Indigo. The company, founded by Denim King Tony Tonnaer, has a mission to make honest and sustainable clothing without compromising on quality. The brand's specialty is jeans and you notice that in everything. Both in the quality, the extensive range and in the constant drive to improve the product and the world. KOI tries to reuse as much water as possible in the production process, use recycled fibers and wash with less water, chemicals and energy.
At Oeben's we have a fine selection of pants from the brand. We have the well-known John, a slim-fit model; the Kong, a classic straight fit; and the Philip, an elaborate straight fit. Whatever you're looking for, Kings of Indigo is the place to go for every kind of jean.

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