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Let's Meet in Switzerland

As we have mentioned, Jasper is our Concierge of Cool. His retail experience in the luxury segment make him the ultimate traveling tailor. Seeing, hearing and talking to hundreds of individuals, he noticed something all his clients had in common. They al want something perfectly fitting, comfortable, and unique. He however felt that there was something that was not available: relaxed, but beautifully made clothing. All of his customers bought suits and shirts of outstanding quality and tailored to fit them to perfection. Nevertheless, the question arose ‘what where they wearing on the weekend?’ and what did they wear on a night out? Something ordinary, something off the shelf. Why? Because there was nothing else available.

With Oeben's Switserland we have translated this need into a curated selection of beautiful brands that are made for you. We provide outstanding quality and personal flair to a more casual and workwear environment, or as we like to call it: Tailor Made Workwear. You can find all the brands we offer here.

Think of a pair of cotton chino's, a light constructed jacket, a nice (denim) shirt, a sweater, an overshirt, a pair of jeans and (custom) outerwear. We also added some accessories in the form of a good outdoor- or chef’s knife. 

You know, just the cool and relaxed stuff that you actually love wearing and using, simply because it is comfortable and beautifully made. But now you can have these products tailored and personalized. So if you want something in a specific material, it most likely can be done.  

And if you need a beautiful and perfectly fitting suit? We’ve still got you covered, because making and offering beautiful stuff is what we love to do. We will go above and beyond to get our hands on the special item you desire.


Want to know where to find us?

Well anywhere in the world really… How is that possible? We are more than happy to come to you. Being able to travel to you is part of our service. Taking a meeting wherever and whenever you’d like only adds to your comfort and makes the process as quick and pleasant as possible. Want us to take care of accommodations, let us know and we'll find a cool spot.


Full disclosure

We are generally operating from the lake of Zürich area. It would be preferable to meet up somewhere in that vicinity, but we can always figure out something if you are a few kilometers further out. Just let us know. For every problem, we have a fitting solution.

You can reach us per e-mail at or you can call us on +41 762809939 


Let’s talk

So after we’ve set a date and found a place to meet we can focus on the goods. We will happily show you all (or just a part) of our collection of special made and personalized products we offer. This can be a couple of oxford button down shirts, a cable-knit sweater, a pair of tailored jeans, or a full-blown handmade three piece suit. Almost all of them are made-to-order and can be personalized to your own wishes. 

For more inspiration, you can take a look at our brand page

After our conversation, we have a look at your wishes and then we measure. We go through the range of possibilities, as well as your own wants and needs. We will discuss shape, color and size. The end result is a unique item, made for you. We work together with brands and ateliers that will go above and beyond to fulfill your wishes.


The Waiting Game

Decided what you want to get? Nice. We hope you’ll enjoy it! 

Regarding our ready-to-wear products that are in stock, you can just take those home with you or have them delivered within a few days at your desired address.

Made-to-order and made-to-measure will take a bit longer, about 4 to 6 weeks. We know that we are testing your patience and we are truly sorry we can’t do it faster.

We are making a product especially for you. As in, we source the materials, we produce your product, and finally we have it shipped to Switzerland from all over Europe. When it arrives at our headquarters, we check if everything is up to spec and make it ready for you to receive it. We do this with everything you order. That takes a little time, therefore we do need a few weeks to get it done properly.



It’s here! After a long wait, your patience is rewarded: your products are in. If it’s the first time we’ve made or ordered something together we’ll meet again to check if all is well. 

If it's the second time we have done something together it's  up to you. If you want it to be sent to your home, we will happily do that. If you want to go over it together with us, we will deliver the goods ourself. Off course we will arrange a time and place that suits you. We are here to help.

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