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Since the opening of our store in Utrecht we have been carrying Incotex pants in our assortment. We now carry a wide selection of the Incotex Blue Division as well as Incotex Slacks.

our incotex collection

incotex history

Incotex is an Italian denim brand from Venice of the Industrie Confezioni Tessili company. Before being known for the Incotex brand it produced pants for Burberry, Façonnable and Ermenegildo Zegna on license. Now being known for their high-quality pants and the incredible detail in their workmanship.

Incotex Slacks

Known for their versatile trousers and shorts, Incotex tailored trousers combine innovative technologies and textiles processing. Available in different fabrics and colours Incotex Slacks are a fundamental part of our casual business assortment.

Incotex Blue Division

As they say it themselves "where denim meets sartorial," the Blue Division is the tailored Denim. Perfect for casual (business) wear and the reason why it's one of the most popular jeans in our assortment.

Our incotex collection
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