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Man 1924

Country of origin: Spain

Since: 1924

Category: Tailoring; Jackets, Trousers

Bilbao, the city of art and pinxtos, houses one of our most contemporary menswear brands. Family run Man 1924 has its cradle in the begone industrial era of the Basque city. In 1924 Ambrosia Navares laid out the blueprint that still is the basis the brand today. A textile industrialist, mister Navares specialized in masculine and high quality tailoring.

Through the years the Basque brand evolved almost in sync with the city of Bilbao. In the 90’s the once important industries had left the city and a new wave of eclectic architecture filled in the gaps in a swift a natural process. Without losing its industrial heritage the city reinvented itself as a cultural melting pot. A perfect example is the modern art Museum the Guggenheim.

Easy going, elegant and stylish, perfectly chosen words used to describe Bilboa, but also a perfect fit to describe Man 1924. Classical elegancy with a modern twist. Man 1924 focuses on jackets, trousers and suits. They make their garments through an accessible and light-weight philosophy. One of the key items in the Man 1924 collection is the Kennedy jacket, an unconstructed tailored jacket. The Kennedy jacket is perfect for a day in the office with a pair of matching Man 1924 Tommi trousers and a neat shirt. However, the jacket is very versatile, combine it with a pair of jeans and you are ready for a night out at your favorite restaurant. I would go as far to say that Man 1924  lends itself for a streetwear inspired approach, mix and match your Kennedy jacket with a nonchalant sweater, a pair of wide jeans and fresh funky sneakers and your ready to rock the hottest clubs in Europe.

At our Utrecht store you will stumble upon a curated selection of jackets, pants and suits. In the summer collection you will find garments made from easy breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. In the winter collection you will be inspired by soft and warm materials such as wool and wool/cotton combinations. Often in timeless patterns such as a Herringbone or in a Pied de Poule.

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