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To celebrate the friendship with our neighbors we are proud to introduce the 'Buurjochies' collection. Together with Armor Lux we have created the perfect workwear for Café Nieuwe Dikke Dries.

We have based to collection on our favorite items from the rich Armor Lux archives in Bretagne and selected the 'Callac' Sailor Tee and 'Smock' Fisherman's Overshirt.


Our own absolute favorite from the Armor Lux collection. The perfect, plain and simple t-shirt. The fit is relaxed, but not to loose. The fabric is heavy, but still soft and comfortable.

The basic 'Callac' is available in multiple colors, but the 'Buurjochies' have chosen for classic white & navy.

Made in Quimper, France by Armor Lux.



Café De Nieuwe Dikke Dries, better known as ‘De Dikke’, opened in 1975 at Oudkerkhof In Utrecht. The cafe of the de Winter family is problably the best known cafe of the city of Utrecht.

On the menu you can find classic French Bistro dishes such as Steak Tartare & Moules Frites.

Besides Dikke Dries Centrum you can find ‘Dikke Dries Oost ’at Willem de Zwijgerstraat.


Based on an Armor Lux original Fisherman's Overshirt, the 'Smock' is made out of a 100% cotton heavy duty canvas.

The loose fit is relaxed & easy to wear. The sleeves are slightly shorter to keep the sleeves dry when the Fisherman's hands are in the water, but nowadays it's perfect on summer days.

Made in Quimper, France by Armor Lux.



We are proud to have supplied the complete crew of Dikke Dries with new workwear from Armor Lux.

Armor Lux is known for producing workwear (mostly for Fisherman) since 1937 in the small town of Quimper, Bretagne.

Besides the 'Callac' & 'Smock' you can see the crew of Dikke Dries wearing original striped Bretons and Poloshirts.


We are very lucky with our neighbors. First off all for the friendship, but let's be honest, it's great to have such a cafe next door!

You can find Thomas there for lunch or an informal dinner with friends or family. Thomas does have a look at the menu, but always orders the Steak Tartare.

But be aware, when the cafe turns more into a disco at night, you can find Daan on the dance floor!

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