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Diadora x Hasbro // Game Pack

Diadora x Hasbro

As each day passes by we’re getting more and more close to the Holidays and New Year’s Eve. The days are shorter, the weather changes and we Dutchies tend to make everything a little bit “gezellig”. It’s that time of the year during which we meet-up with our dearest friends and family, eat our bellies round and in my case, occasionally play a game or two (or three if I didn’t win one already). 

It’s during these weeks that I get most nostalgic and remember those wholesome evenings where we used to sit, chat and rolled the dice or played cards. It takes me back to all the loses my little sister had to endure and to the consequences of those loses. Her ridiculously bad anger issues after losing frequently resulted in playboards and figurines flying through our living room. We had to duck and take cover, or you risked losing an eye. 

Diadora x Hasbro - MonopolyDiadora x Hasbro - Trivial Pursuit

All the fuzz was forgotten in an instant once we would let her win (on purpose!) on the final instalment of our game session and our smiles used to be so broad that we woke-up the next morning still smiling. For me and my parents, the most wonderful time of the year, for my sister only when she won. Oh, the memories...

Time has passed since; she grew up to become a professional athlete (the hating to lose mentality sure brought her places!) and my parents kept on stuffing us with delicious food when they got the change. Our boardgames moved to a less prominent spot in our house and we moved out of our parental house. Despite us moving, the collection of games kept growing and we kept playing when we got together, my sister now even wins once in a while. Her temper now more in control and our grins still never fading. It’s quality time like this that bonds families and builds a foundation of love and happiness that results in strong lasting relationships in uncertain times more important than ever!

Why the long story about boardgames and family, you guys sell clothing right!?

Well, we most certainly do!

To my upmost joy, we were contacted by Diadora to be one of the lucky few selected to have the honor of releasing a very special edition of the “made in Italy” sneakers we sell with love and pride since the opening of our Utrecht based Store. The Italians from Diadora have joined hands with American boardgame manufacturer Hasbro and made a one-off-a-kind sneaker collection that celebrates the 4 most iconic Hasbro games. By the creative hand of Italian designer Leo Colacicco, Diadora created 4 sneakers in the distinctive color schemes of the legendary games Cluedo, Monopoly, Operations (Dokter Bibber) and Trivial Pursuit. A unique and bold sneaker series has been born. Iconic sneaker silhouettes in dazzling colorways. Fully made in Italy by Diadora’s craftsmen with the finest and best materials available. A beauty to the eye and a blessing for your feet.

Diadora x Hasbro - CluedoDiadora x Hasbro - Operation

As a modest Diadora collector and a boardgame enthusiast myself, this collection makes my heart pound faster. Iconic Shoes in iconic colors, nostalgic memories intertwined with our passion. A perfect “Sweetspot” for nostalgic suckers like myself and an excellent addition to your sneaker game. Great to buy, maybe even better to give. Even if you don’t like boardgames as much as I do, these shoes still are magnificent and make you stand out in the crowd!

The boardgames used in our pictures are the actual ones on which me and my family played a couple of hundred games on and continue to do so. The legacy continuous.

Limited stock will be available at from Friday 3 December 0h00 sharp, so don't get stuck in prison!

Game On, All the Best,


Daan Strik

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