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Country of orgin: Portland, OR, U.S.A.
Since: 1932
Category: Boots
With us, you'll find products that are made to last. Products with a story and products that you can wear into the ground, that get better with time. Danner boots are products from this category. Charles Danner left for Portland with the mission to make the best shoe for adventurers. With an eye for craftsmanship and nature, he has been making these shoes since 1932. Nowadays you can find them not only in the American forests, but also on the streets of Utrecht, at our place at Oudkerkhof.
Why you should buy it? You don't have to, of course you can. We sell them in any case, because they are just a bit rougher, but very easy to combine. From white pants to unwashed jeans, they can be worn with anything. And not only we are convinced of this shoe; also James Bond wears them. Of course in black, like a real secret agent. And yes, you can find the exact pair in our store.
Basically, this shoe is for everyone. Not only if you take a walk in the woods on your free weekend days, but also if you want to walk comfortably through the city. In short, with this shoe you can go in any direction, literally and figuratively. Not only in use, but also in terms of design. Besides the classic leather versions, we now have the suede version. Just as functional as the classic Mountain Light, including the Vibram sole and Gore-Tex lining, but just a bit more rugged. Gore-Tex deserves an extra explanation. This material is on the inside of the shoe. This ensures that the shoe is waterproof, but it still breathes. This makes the shoes suitable for all conditions. You’re always welcome to experience the quality of these shoes yourself in our store in Utrecht.
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