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Croots England
Country of orgin: England
Since: 1978
Category: Bags, Luggage

Discover our wonderful collection of luxury travel gear hand-made by skilled craftsmen in the picturesque market town of Malton, North Yorkshire.

The Croots company was founded in the 70’s of the previous century. John Smit and his wife Margaret started out making high quality sport luggage on the first floor of their Scarborough house. They quickly made name for themselves across the United Kingdom for their uncanny craftsmanship and timeless design and soon grew out of their workplace. A move to Malton followed. The North Yorkshire town is acknowledged  for its skillful artisans and is located nearby the magnificent North York Moors shooting grounds. This unification of elements resulted in a perfect sweetspot for the Croots brand. The combination of tradition and skill produced the design’s that are still in use today.

Having its roots deeply in the field sports accessories and luggage, Croots is well known for its cartridge bags, gun slips and satchel’s. This DNA is still a prominent design feature in our current day and time. Her Majesty the Queen Elizatbeth II is a fond carrier of her Byland leather cartridge bag,  you have to believe me on this one but she used to be an avid hunter in her days!

In Utrecht we fell in love with the combination of bridle leather details on an indestructible and hardwearing vintage canvas body. A beauty to the eye and a companion for a lifetime.

You will find the city collection in a rotating selection in our store. We offer laptop, flight and travel bags and are able to order all we do not have in store at the moment. Croots additionally offers bespoke details and personalization for our clients, ring up the store our drop by and we will do the rest!

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