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Country of orgin: Italy, Treviso aera.
Since: 2012
 Category: Tailoring, workwear
Fit: Slightly oversized
Founded by fashion veteran Christiano Berto and Silvia Piccin, inspired by the Anglo-American fashion of the 80’s and military workwear of a almost forgotten era. 1st-pat-rn makes unique garments of a high sartorial level. The name of the brand comes from a military shirt from the Second World War that they treasure in their archive. ‘First pattern’, which could refer to either the first prototype or to the first product in a series. This identifies a product that took shape over the course of a long process of testing and reshaping.
The research and development team behind this Italian brand desgins their own yarns and fabrics which provides each item with a suberb functoniality and classy look. 1st-Pat-RN strives to design garments that can are considered timeless. This matches our own philosophy and the way we look at style. That doesn’t mean that they create replicas of the products which inspired them. On the contrary, in every single garment there are elements of fusion and melding different aspects of style: a pocket, a color, a detail that is out of context or repositioned.
Because of these great qualities the garments are perfect for an outdoor fieldtrip and aswell desgin-wise a great fit for a classy preppy look. From field jackets to blazers, from oversized herringbone pants to Japanse Poplin shirts, 1ST PAT-RN makes it in the best possible way. At our store in Utrecht we sell a carefully curated selection consisting of jackets, shirts and trousers. A few of our favorites are the Evans blazer, the Ridgewood jacket and the Romeo vest. Besides that we have the possibility to order certain garments if you want something we don’t offer.

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